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Lionel Cruet

Flood aftermath and other hurricane stories IV and V (2020)

243.8 x 182.9 cm
Acrylic and house paint on blue polyethylene tarp

In the Flood aftermath and other hurricane stories series Cruet investigates the post-disaster landscape. Though the series originated in 2015 it took on new meaning following Hurricane Maria (2017), when it began to be interpreted as an embodiment of Puerto Rico’s abandonment by the local (Puerto Rican) and federal (American) governments, of temporary resources used as permanent “solutions”, and of the isolation caused by an extended electricity crisis. Painted on the same blue tarp distributed by FEMA (USA Federal Emergency Management Agency) to cover damaged roofs, the pieces show the effects of hurricanes, floods, and landslides through the depiction of abandoned houses. Though the structures appear isolated, a solitary yellow light glows in the darkness, denoting human presence and alluding to the energy that lies within a sheltered space.