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Olivia Mc Gilchrist

Virtual ISLANDS (2019)

in collaboration with David Corbett (UK), Ayana Evans (USA), Henri Tauliaut (Martinique) as part of Virtual ISLANDs: Submersion and Hybrid Identity in Virtual Reality

Digital video/multimedia installation, adapted from virtual reality
4 minutes 29 seconds

In Virtual ISLANDs, Mc Gilchrist combines oceans, lakes, and rivers to create a surrealist underwater and coastal world. Through virtual reality (VR) viewers are submerged in this environment, where the use of a circular lens creates ambiguity between land and water, allowing the viewer to jump between different environments. The video, adapted from VR, presents these land- and seascapes as overlapping experiences, overlaid with dissected VR coding and written notes. This visual deconstruction of the artist’s process alludes to the idea of world-making, inherent in both the creation of virtual reality and the diasporic experience. Through the use of fragmented and non-linear narratives, which often fuse and divide throughout the video, Mc Gilchrist captures the diasporic experience of feeling both here and there, and neither.

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